The Offspring’s “Let the Bad Times Roll” Video Features Laser Cats, Singing Toilet Paper, and More: Watch

The veteran punk-rock band's new album arrives on April 16th

The Offspring Let the Bad Times Roll Video
The Offspring “Let the Bad Times Roll” Video, via YouTube

The Offspring have unveiled a timely music video to accompany their recent single “Let the Bad Times Roll”. The song appears on the veteran punk-rock act’s upcoming album of the same name, due out April 16th.

The video shows an exaggerated view of quarantine life, with the subjects experiencing bizarre and frightening situations while stuck at home. One young woman sees her smartphone turn into a scorpion-like creature as it crawls on her face, while another woman is confronted by singing toilet paper and a giant mask-wearing cockroach.

Meanwhile, a young man is playing a video game when a cat appears on screen and starts shooting laser beams out of its eyes. Another dude is attacked at home by a bizarre mob, somewhat mimicking the insurrection at the U.S. Capitol building.

As a press release describes, “True to the irreverence at the core of punk rock music, the music video delivers a contemporary narrative tied to the song’s topical lyrics that reflect the ongoing challenges being faced across the country today.”

The ending of the video sees each of the four subjects attacked at home by cartoonish coronavirus particles.

The Offpring’s 10th studio album, Let the Bad Times Roll, marks the band’s first album in roughly nine years, following up 2012’s Days Go By. Pre-order the LP via Amazon, and watch the video for the title track below.