Cinco Paul and Ken Daurio on the Pixar vs. Illumination Feud

The screenwriters and producers deliver a commentary track for Willy Wonka and the Chocolate Factory

The Side Track Cinco Paul and Ken Daurio

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Their obsession. Their words. Someone else’s movie. Hosted by Paul Davidson, The Side Track interviews filmmakers, producers, writers, actors, and film fanatics, then hands them the mic to present their own personal feature-length audio commentaries of the movies that moved them and made them who they are today.

Screenwriters and producers Cinco Paul and Ken Daurio (Despicable Me trilogy, Secret Life of Pets) discuss the art of screenwriting for feature length animated movies, their first cult-favorite bomb Bubble Boy, their upcoming Apple TV+ series Schmigadoon, and all about that Pixar vs. Illumination feud that’s still currently in motion.

Plus, Cinco shares his experience working with Sacha Baron Cohen on Borat: Subsequent Moviefilm, while Daurio recounts his crappy-watch run-in with Jeffrey Katzenberg that answers the ultimate Mormon question: “Who broke my window?”

Shortly after, the two deliver a feature length audio commentary for the 1971 not-so-child-friendly Willy Wonka & the Chocolate Factory. Starring Gene Wilder and at least a dozen or more Oompa Loompas, this hilarious commentary is an eye opening look at how today’s storytellers view a classic such as this.

Stream the interview above and the commentary track below. Subscribe to The Side Track now to make sure you catch future episodes and to revisit the complete back catalogue. In the past, the show has seen Frank Oz tackle Touch of Evil, Patrick Brice decrypt Twin Peaks: Fire Walk with Me, and Jay Duplass run the streets of Philadelphia with Rocky.

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