Fender Launches Mustang Micro Pocket-Sized Guitar Amplifier

Play on the go with Fender's powerful new micro amp

Fender Mustang Micro Amp
Fender Mustang Micro Amp, via Fender

Fender has launched a new pocket-sized guitar amplifier, the Mustang Micro, the latest in its budget-friendly Mustang series.

The miniature amp models 12 different classic Fender amplifier tones and houses 12 effects combinations. Unlike a standard amp, the Mustang Micro does not house a speaker, but outputs to headphones for portability and aural privacy.

If you’ve ever wanted to practice your electric guitar without disturbing roommates or family members, the Mustang Micro is the perfect tool for those seeking to jam in private. Just plug it into your guitar like a normal cable, attach your headphones, and you’re good to go. Note: you can also output the amp to a recording device to capture your ideas.

The true power of the pocket amp comes from its 12 built-in tones, replicating classic Fender amps like the ’65 Deluxe Reverb, the golden ’57 Twin, and even a clean studio pre-amp, among others. Each setting is color coded, so you can easily dial in your desired tone with a push of a button. A single additional effect like reverb or delay can then be added to further customize the sound.

The amp also features Bluetooth streaming audio so you can practice to backing tracks, a rechargeable battery, and a generally intuitive design. A color-coded legend is included in the box, so dialing in the respective color combos is a cinch.

Retailing for $98.98, the Mustang Micro and its 12 tone settings are a considerable value. Similar pocket amps from competitors typically offer only one tone, forcing players to purchase multiple devices and spend hundreds to accrue a range of pocket-sized tones.

You can pickup the amp from Fender retailers and Reverb. Stay tuned for our forthcoming video demo and review of the new amp and check out Fender’s introductory video below.

Fender Mustang Micro Pocket Amp

Fender Mustang Micro, courtesy of Fender