IV and the Strange Band (Hank III’s Son Coleman Williams) Premiere Debut Single “Son of Sin”: Stream

The opening musical statement from the fourth generation of the Hank Williams lineage

IV and the Strange Band Premiere "Son of Sin"
IV and the Strange Band, courtesy of Adrenaline PR

Coleman Williams, aka IV, is the son of Hank Williams III and the fourth generation of the Hank Williams’ line. True to his legendary musical lineage, Coleman has now launched his own project, IV and the Strange Band, who are premiering their debut single “Son of Sin” exclusively via Heavy Consequence.

The song follows the heavy outlaw country sound established by IV’s father Hank Williams III, but adds a sharp punk/noise-rock edge. On “Son of Sin”, sludgy guitars are accompanied by fiddle melodies, along with a familiar twang in IV’s voice.

And just like Hank Williams Jr.’s autobiographical hit single, “Family Tradition”, IV isn’t afraid to approach his distinct musical legacy with some biting sarcasm. Raised in Nashville in the early 1990s, IV has also seen the effect the music industry has had on his family. After all, he began his musical journey at 29 — the same age his great grandfather Hank Sr. passed away.

“The song is kind is of me making a joke at the way my family has been used over the years,” IV said, “and the commercial exploitation that downtown Nashville has turned into where it was once for the music but I feel now is the last thing that matters.”

“My family legacy is something that I hold with highest utmost respect,” he added. “I have worked my whole life to feel I have earned a right to add my chapter to the family. Not because of my blood, but because of my own personal journey of being a person that has something to say and believing in my message just like my forefathers have.”

IV says his music is “heavily influenced from John Prine, Blaze Foley, the Jesus Lizard, the Replacements, and the Melvins” — elements that can all be heard on “Son of Sin”. The heavy metal and punk shows at his father’s “haunted ranch” also influenced his musical direction — a path that wasn’t necessarily his first choice.

After spending time traveling the country, IV returned to Nashville to go to college, studying English and literature with aim of becoming a writer. He then began teaching, but eventually left education to work in the liquor business “to make ends meet.”

Around this time, IV struck up a friendship with local producer Jason Dietz, who would push IV toward music and go on to play bass in the Strange Band. The group is rounded out by guitarist David Talley, Laura Beth Jewell on fiddle, and Taylor Powell on drums.

“Son of Sin” drops on streaming platforms on April 20th. You can listen to the song below.