Puscifer Share Trippy “Bullet Train to Iowa” Mini Film as Prologue for Upcoming Livestream: Watch

The bridge between the band's previous desert livestream and their upcoming Money $hot performance

Puscifer Bullet Train to Iowa Mini Film
Puscifer’s “Bullet Train to Iowa”, via YouTube

Puscifer are setting the scene for their upcoming livestream performance of 2015’s Money $hot. The band has now shared a psychedelic mini film for the Existential Reckoning track “Bullet Train to Iowa”, which serves a segue between their previous Arizona desert virtual show and the upcoming stream on April 17th.

The trippy, partially animated clip is the next chapter in the saga of the bizarre desert-dwelling Billy D — the protagonist of Puscifer’s loosely connected livestream narrative. Longtime Puscifer fans will recognize the work of Meats Meier, who previously created videos for Puscifer’s “Queen B”, “Dozo”, and “Apocalyptical”.

“The ‘Bullet Train to Iowa’ video is sort of a bridge between the ‘Money $hot Live at the Mayan Theater’ performance (“Billy D and the Hall of Feathered Serpents”) and the ‘Existential Reckoning Live at Arcosanti’ performance,” singer Maynard James Keenan said in a press release. “Kind of like what Rogue One is to the Star Wars films, but without the Storm Troopers and snarky robots.”

As the band continue to fill out its own strange sci-fi universe, the film offers up more UFO imagery and comedic absurdity. In a subtle homage to Money $hot — which will be performed in its entirety at the Mayan Theater — the cowboys from the album cover make an appearance as bartenders in the mini film.

You can find out what becomes of Billy D by tuning into the ‘Money $hot: Live at the Mayan Theater’ livestream. The virtual concert goes live on April 17th at 5 p.m. ET and will be available for on-demand viewing. Tickets for the “Money $hot” livestream and exclusive merchandise for attendees is available via Puscifer’s live website.

Watch the “Bullet Train to Iowa” video below and check out our recent interview with Keenan about the streaming event.