Rootsland Forges a Future at Reggae Sunsplash Festival

Host Henry Karyo makes some hard decisions at Jamaica's historic music festival

Rootsland Forges a Future at Reggae Sunsplash Festival

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Presented by Consequence of Sound and Voice Boxx Studios, Rootsland is a weekly docuseries podcast that explores the story of two friends who take a musical and spiritual journey from the suburbs of Long Island to the streets of Kingston, Jamaica. Today, host Henry “K” Karyo concludes Season 1: “Reggae, Junkie, Jew” with a more meditative chapter.

Jamaica’s Reggae Sunsplash Festival is essentially a less organized version of Woodstock — the same amount of love, only with more weed. On paper, five days of reggae music under sun-drenched skies and star-filled nights should be the perfect ending to Henry’s journey in Jamaica.  However, as we hear in Chapter 9: “Righteous People”, Henry will soon learn that the decisions to be made concerning his future will affect those around him.

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