The Vulturas (Rancid’s Matt Freeman, Louis Perez III) Premiere New Song “Bastard Sons”: Stream

The single marks the L.A. punk act's first new music since welcoming the Rancid bassist to its lineup

The Vulturas song premiere
The Vulturas, courtesy of MADInkPR

The Vulturas are an Los Angeles-based punk supergroup featuring Rancid bassist Matt Freeman, guitarist Rob Milucky of Devil’s Bridgade, and charismatic frontman Louis Perez III, the son of Los Lobos’ Louie Perez, Jr. Following their 2019 debut LP, the band is now premiering the new single, “Bastard Sons” exclusively via Heavy Consequence.

The Vulturas’ musical pedigree is one of classic punk rock, and “Bastard Sons” fits that timeless mold. Surging power chords and anthemic vocals from Perez III make for a blistering mosher.

“I wish my voice wasn’t scratchy and abused,” howls Perez III while the flash-animated video depicts an alternate reality in which he wins a Grammy award. Frankly, we’ll take Louie and company as they are, delivering a vibrant brand of old-school punk.

“’Bastard Sons’ was an instant clusterf–k of four hooks mashed together,” Milucky said. “Recorded it on my iPhone, forgot how it went! Played it back the next morning, bingo!”

The general laidback style of writing is indicative of the band’s attitude, as Perez III said he formed the Vulturas with Milucky “for kicks.” Rancid’s Freeman took notice of the band after seeing the Vulturas at a live show, and jumped on board as as their new bassist in summer 2020.

“[We] thought it was a lot of fun,” Perez III remarked. “Matt and Rob have been friends and playing together for years. Getting that chemistry on top of what we have already is straight plutonium. So when we all decided to jam, we were like, ‘Let’s f–king do this!'”

The single is the first new material from the band following its 2019 self-titled debut album. The first vinyl pressing of that LP sold out in 52 seconds, and the album is now on its fourth pressing — a testament to the group’s already loyal fanbase. The Vulturas intend to tour and showcase the new music when it becomes safe to do so, according to the press release for the new song.

Watch the video for “Bastard Sons” below.