Netflix Shares Trailer for Jupiter’s Legacy Superhero Series: Watch

An adaption of the popular comic books about a family of superheroes in an existential crisis

Netflix Shares Trailer for Jupiter's Legacy

Netflix has shared the first official trailer for its new superhero series Jupiter’s Legacy.

The show is a TV adaptation of the popular comic book series by writer Mark Millar (Kingsman: The Secret Service, Kick-Ass) and illustrator Frank Quitely. It follows a multi-generational superhero squad called The Union who are reckoning with various types of existential crises. The older members grappling with their age as their children eclipse them, while the younger generation are struggling to create their own identities after spending years in the shadow of their elders.

It stars Josh Duhamel as the group’s leader Sheldon Sampson (aka The Utopian), Ben Daniels as Sheldon’s brother Walter Sampson (aka Brainwave), Leslie Bibb as Sheldon’s wife Grace Sampson, Elena Kampouris as Grace and Sheldon’s daughter Chloe Sampson, Andrew Horton as their son Brandon Sampson, Mike Wade as Fitz Small (aka The Flare), and Matt Lanter as Sheldon’s sacred ally George Hutchene (aka Skyfox).

The trailer sets the scene by flashing back to 90 years earlier to when the original members of The Union got their powers, and then fast-forwarding to the present when they’re struggling to live up to their legacy. A central plotline focuses on the fractured relationship between the Sampson parents and their children, who essentially grew up as child celebrities and are disillusioned with the superhero responsibilities they inherited.

It’s a family drama translated through a superhero series, but the trailer also boasts a ton of awesome looking action scenes. Check it out below.

All eight episodes of Jupiter’s Legacy will arrive on Netflix on May 7th.


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