Conan O’Brien’s 15 Best Late-Night Comedy Bits of All Time

In honor of Conan coming to a close this month

Conan O Brien Best Moments

At last, the day has come: following an 11-year run, Conan O’Brien‘s TBS late-night show Conan will come to a close on June 24th.

Over 28 years, O’Brien has entertained us with multiple late-night shows, bringing the laughs through stand-up, elaborate pre-taped segments, and absurd sketch comedy — not to mention his ability to highlight and elevate the talents of Jordan Schlansky, who might just be the most famous associate producer in television.

For those who need a refresher on O’Brien’s late-night lore: he moved to TBS after a departure from his 17-year tenure at NBC, where he hosted Late Night from 1993-2009 before his infamous brief takeover of The Tonight Show from Jay Leno. Conan, which began airing on TBS in 2010, will culminate with “an extended hour-long finale with a look back on the past 11 years of this iteration of O’Brien’s lengthy late-night career,” according to the network.

The good news is that O’Brien plans to move over to HBO Max, though details of his re-emergence have yet to be revealed.

“The plan is to re-emerge on HBO Max sometime in the near future with I think what will be my fourth iteration of the program,” he told viewers in May. “Imagine a cooking show with puppets, and you’ll have the wrong idea.”

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As we wave a temporary goodbye to Conan’s regular presence on television, here are our 15 favorite Conan bits from over the years, in no particular order.


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