Nashville Singer-Songwriter Gatlin Releases To Remind Me Of Home EP: Stream

EP single "Hospital" is a bedroom pop highlight

Gatlin To Remind Me of Home

In Music City, writing is key. There’s a reason the slogan around the business that built Nashville is “three chords and the truth,” a phrase originally from Harlan Howard, and members of the current generation of Nashville’s singer-songwriters seem to be getting back to that original premise. Listeners can tell when an artist isn’t being honest.

As a bedroom-pop writer and producer, Gatlin is part of a demographic not always discussed when it comes to Nashville, where country is king but the pop, R&B, and rock scenes are just as (if not more) interesting.

With her latest EP, To Remind Me Of Home, Gatlin taps into that critical honesty, speaking for young people in particular who are surrounded by heartache, loneliness, and a general sense of detachment. The EP’s single, “Hospital,” speaks to modern mental health struggles head-on without shying away from the unglamorous aspects.

Among the many, many artists fighting each and every day for just a slice of the Nashville dream, Gatlin is one to watch.

Listen to the new EP below.

To Remind Me of Home EP Artwork:

To Remind Me Of Home Artwork


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