Breaking Bad’s Music Supervisor, Lady Gaga’s Ex-Manager, and More on the Do’s and Don’ts of Networking: Watch

CREATV University with music mogul Troy Carter, Breaking Bad music supervisor Thomas Golubic, and filmmaker Alice Austen

Today, Consequence continues its instructional partnership with CREATV University to help provide insight on succeeding in music and media. This time, we’re revisiting the importance of building relationships in the industry for round two of Networking: Do’s and Don’ts.

Whether it be mentorships, college programs, internships, or simply meeting someone for coffee, the power of relationships is deeply important when starting out in the industry. The goal is to have someone create an opportunity for you, but in order for them to do that, someone has to create opportunities for them, and so on and so forth. But how exactly does this process get started? There are hundreds of ways to meet important people and build lasting professional relationships with them, but the road isn’t always easy to follow.

So, for this week’s CREATV University videos, we’re sharing clips of four industry professionals who lend their thoughts on the topic of Networking. They discuss finding and working with a mentor, how to follow up with professionals, the best places and opportunities to build relationships, and how to maximize the working relationships you already have.

Watch discussions with award-winning filmmaker and playwright Alice Austen, Breaking Bad and Better Call Saul music supervisor Thomas Golubic, music mogul and former manager of Lady Gaga and John Legend Troy Carter, and Bulldog Digital Media Strategist Anum Khan. Then come back to Consequence every other week for more unique lessons from CREATV University.


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