Dave Mustaine Confirms Name of New Megadeth Album and Teases Snippet of Title Track

The Sick, The Dying and The Dead will be Megadeth's 16th studio album

Megadeth Life in Hell song

Megadeth frontman Dave Mustaine has confirmed that the band’s upcoming new album is called The Sick, The Dying and The Dead in a Cameo message to a fan. Mustaine also teased a snippet of the LP’s title track in the same clip.

Mustaine once again took to the celebrity video messaging platform Cameo to offer the album update. In a birthday message to a Megadeth fan named Joe, Mustaine confirmed the title while a rough mix of the title track played in the background.

“If you listen real closely, you can hear in the background – look over my shoulder, uh oh – there’s the Pro Tools rig with the new album, doing a rough mix, and you’re getting to hear a little bit of it in the background for your birthday,” Mustaine said. “This is the beginning of the song ‘The Sick, The Dying and The Dead,’ which is our title track.”

Mustaine finished the message by revealing that he had a busy day ahead of fixing rhythm tracks, doing vocals, and recording guitar solos. He’s likely nearing completion of the new record now that ousted member David Ellefson’s parts have been re-recorded by an as-yet-unidentified new bassist. Not much can be deduced from the muffled song audio, which sounds like a clean guitar intro in the vein of “In My Darkest Hour.”

At the end of the message, Mustaine states that Megadeth are about to begin rehearsals for their upcoming U.S. tour with Lamb of God. Trivium and Hatebreed will support the run, which kicks off August 20th in Austin, Texas. Get tickets via Ticketmaster or the secondary market.

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There’s no known release date for The Sick, The Dying and The Dead — a brutally apt title given the ongoing pandemic — and little else known about the highly anticipated album. Stay tuned to Heavy Consequence for further updates.

You can watch Mustaine confirm the new album’s title and hear the song snippet in the Cameo video below.


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