Jean-Claude Van Damme Inadvertently Assists French Jewel Thief in His Escape

The thief reportedly escaped on a lime green electric scooter

jean-claude van damme paris robbery jewel thief chaumet

Jean-Claude Van…Oops? In a case of bizarrely perfect timing, Jean-Claude Van Damme caused such a commotion on the streets of Paris earlier this week that he inadvertently helped a jewel thief make off with millions of dollars in stolen gems.

According to TMZ, the robbery occurred at the high-end jewelry store Chaumet near Champs-Elysee. In broad daylight, a suspect entered the store and wielded a knife, making his daring escape on a bright green e-scooter with somewhere between $2.4 and $3.5 million in loot. Considering all the vivid details, you’d think someone on the street would’ve seen the thief and been able to make a positive ID. But that’s where the legendary action star comes in…

Apparently, Van Damme was just down the street visiting his local optometrist at the exact same time the robbery was taking place. News of his random appearance at the eye doctor quickly made its way through the neighborhood, with everyone in the vicinity flocking to get a glimpse of the Bloodsport star in the flesh. In fact, the Parisians were so enamored that they entirely missed the jewel thief zooming away on his scooter!

But not to worry, thanks to surveillance footage from the scene, police were able to make two arrests in the case on Wednesday, and the suspects in question are being detained…no thanks to the Belgian martial arts legend.

Now that his eyes have successfully been checked, Van Damme is next set to star in the The Last Mercenary, (which drops tomorrow on Netflix) and the upcoming Despicable Me spin-off Minions: The Rise of Gru.


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