Billie Eilish Lights Up Fallon with Performance of “Happier Than Ever”: Watch

The title track from her excellent new album

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With her sophomore album moving in rare air, Billie Eilish has plenty of reasons to feel Happier Than Ever. In her new appearance on The Tonight Show Starring Jimmy Fallon, she performed the record’s title track, using a high-intensity light show to underscore the darkness behind the lyrics.

“Happier Than Ever” is made up of two musical movements, and the set reflected these separate moods. Eilish opened the song in front of what looked like an overcast sky, seated on a stool as the camera stayed close on her face. Slowly, the camera panned out to reveal her brother FINNEAS gently strumming the guitar, and when she returned to the lyrics, “When I’m away from you/ I’m happier than ever/ Wish I could explain it better/ I wish it wasn’t true,” she stood up and moved the stool to the side.

The lights darkened as the guitars picked up in intensity, and by the time she reached the phrase, “You called me again, drunk in your Benz/ Driving home under the influence,” the lightning strobe effects could have come with a seizure warning. Eilish performed the second half of the song in a furious storm, tearing at her hair as FINNEAS thrashed like the guitarist at a hardcore show.

Eilish also spoke to Fallon about her new album, self-directed music videos, and upcoming world tour. Check out the performance of “Happier Than Ever” and watch the full interview below..

Last week, Billie Eilish covered “I’m in the Mood for Love” for BBC Radio 1’s Live Lounge, and the week before a study found that she has the biggest vocabulary of any modern pop star. At the beginning of August, FINNEAS spoke to Consequence about producing Happier Than Ever, his new Fender line, and more.



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