Slipknot’s Corey Taylor Thinks a “Selfish” Concertgoer Likely Gave Him COVID-19

"I think ... somebody came to one of my shows and was in the audience sick and probably got several people sick"

Corey Taylor
Corey Taylor, photo by Antonio Marino Jr.

    Slipknot singer Corey Taylor, who recently tested positive for COVID-19, believes he likely caught the virus from a “selfish” concertgoer at one of of his summer solo shows.

    The metal vocalist had revealed on August 20th that he contracted COVID-19 despite being vaccinated. He then quarantined himself in a Denver hotel, where he tested negative after a week or so of fighting off the virus. At one point he said it was the worst he’d ever been sick in his life.

    His wife, Alicia Dove, reported late last week, “Corey has been testing negative for two days. Had he not been vaxxed, this would have lasted much longer and been exponentially worse. I know this won’t change all minds, but if you’re on the fence, do it. Now it’s time to snag my man and drive home! I have missed him so much!”

    In a new video interview with a fan as part of the GalaxyCon event, Taylor confirmed that he has now tested negative, while also discussing how he may have contracted COVID-19.

    “I tried to keep my mask up the entire time,” he said of his summer solo tour. “You try to trust that people are vaccinated or they’re masking up and social distancing and at least testing negative before they go to something like that.”


    He added, “Sometimes you just run into those selfish people that don’t care about that,” Taylor said. “I think that’s what happened to me — somebody came to one of my shows and was in the audience sick and probably got several people sick, man.”

    Back in July, Taylor spoke with Heavy Consequence, telling us at the time, “Do I think it should be a requirement for people to be vaccinated to go to shows? Yes and no. Here’s the thing: there shouldn’t be a mandate, but guess what, man, if you’re going to put people at risk of getting sick, you shouldn’t want to go to a show. That’s common sense. And if you do put people at risk, then you’re a f**kin’ asshole. And you shouldn’t be let in anyway.”

    Meanwhile, in the video interview with the fan, Taylor also revealed he had only three more songs to track for the upcoming Slipknot album. “I was actually supposed to finish my vocals this week. I got screwed, man, [by the COVID diagnosis]. I actually only have really three songs left to do. I’ve done all the other tracks because I’ve been doing ’em in between tours, just f**king hitting it.”


    As for the music on the next Slipknot album, Corey revealed, “There’s some f**king savage heavy shit, which I’m really stoked on. So it’s gonna be rad.”

    Taylor is set to hit the road with Slipknot beginning in September for the “Knotfest Roadshow” headlining tour, as well as a handful of festival appearances. Tickets are available via Ticketmaster.

    See Corey Taylor’s video interview with fan Billy D below, followed by our own Zoom chat with the Slipknot singer.

    Stay safe and mask up. Better yet, grab a face covering from Consequence Shop, where we are donating 50% of net proceeds to independent artists impacted by the pandemic.

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