Cypress Hill Unveil 30th Anniversary Extended Edition of Self-Titled Album: Stream

The hip-hop legends have also shared the standalone single "How I Could Just Kill a Man (The Alchemist x Beat Butcha Remix)"

It’s 4:20 somewhere, and Cypress Hill have unveiled the new 30th anniversary extended edition of their self-titled debut album. To add some extra sticky to your icky, the legendary hip-hop group has dropped the standalone single “How I Could Just Kill a Man (The Alchemist x Beat Butcha Remix).” Stream these goodies below via Apple Music, Spotify, and YouTube.

Released in 1991, Cypress Hill changed cannabis culture forever, although that high was grounded with the social commentary of cuts like “Pigs,” “How I Could Just Kill a Man,” and “Hole in the Head.” Aside from those classics, the anniversary reissue comes with three new tracks: “Stoned Is the Way of the Walk (Reprise),” “Puercos (Pigs) — Spanish Edit,” and “The Phuncky Feel One — Extended Edition.”

As for the new take on “How I Could Just Kill a Man,” it’s not clear where The Alchemist’s influence ends and Beat Butcha’s begins. But the shimmering keys, and the dialectic between violence and beauty, is classic Alc. The track is a gorgeous update and a perfect soundtrack to your next round of puff, puff, pass.

Cypress Hill (Extended Edition) is available for pre-order now. If you’d rather save your money for more combustible pursuits, be sure to enter our contest for a 7-inch box set and vinyl prize pack. Either way, check out Consequence Podcast Network and Sony’s latest season of The Opus, where host Jill Hopkins dives into this groundbreaking debut.


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