DaBaby Apologizes to “Cry Babies” at Summer Jam 2021

"Other than the people that was truly offended, I feel like the rest of y'all motherfuckers being cry babies"

dababy cry babies hot 97 summer jam 2021 homophobic remarks

In an unusual feat of dexterity, DaBaby has spent most of the last month with his foot planted firmly in his mouth. He accomplished it again Sunday at Hot 97 Summer Jam, when he apologized for his recent homophobic remarks before clarifying that many of the people who had been offended were “cry babies.”

DaBaby has been alternating between contrition and defiance since his appearance at Rolling Loud Miami, when he singled out gay audience members and asked that they restrain from getting hyped along with the rest of the crowd. Since then he’s been booted from the bills of Lollapalooza, Governors Ball, Austin City Limits, and more. Summer Jam was one of his first high-profile appearances following the controversy.

DaBaby opened the set with a pre-taped video in which he thanked Hot 97 for their support and apologized to fans. With all the maturity of a fifth grader yelling “Not!” after saying “I’m sorry,” he then amended the apology during a rendition of his 2019 song “Goin’ Baby.” During an apparently planned pause in the music, he said, “Speaking of motherfucking babies, man, I gotta say — in the video, before I came out — I never in my life meant to offend anybody, you know, I apologize, you know, that ain’t how I rock, you know. I’m a player, but check this out: Other than the people that was truly offended, I feel like the rest of y’all motherfuckers being cry babies.”

“Let’s be real,” his hype man called, as the music segued into Megan Thee Stallion’s “Cry Baby.” Check out footage, as well as a clip of his opening video, below.

Two weeks ago, DaBaby retracted an earlier apology to the LGBTQ+ community. Many people are rightfully upset, but some are hoping to use this as a learning moment; Miley Cyrus has reached out to DaBaby to start a conversation, saying he deserves “compassion and forgiveness.”


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