DaBaby Issues New Apology for Homophobic Rant, Rips Critics Attempting to “Demolish” His Career

The disgraced rapper has been booted from three major US festivals in the last 24 hours

DaBaby homophobia new music video giving what it's supposed to give

DaBaby has issued a new apology amidst the growing controversy over his recent homophobic remarks. Much like his initial apology from last week, the 29-year-old rapper spends a good amount of time blaming others before acknowledging his own faults.

“Social media moves so fast that people want to demolish you before you even have the opportunity to grow, educate, and learn from your mistakes,” DaBaby wrote in an Instagram post on Monday. “As a man who has had to make his own way from very difficult circumstances, having people I know publicly working against me– knowing that what I needed was education on these topics and guidance– has been challenging. I appreciate the many people who came to me with kindness, who reached out to me privately to offer wisdom, education, and resources. That’s what I needed and it was received.”

DaBaby went on to “apologize to the LGBTQ+ community for the hurtful and triggering comments I made. Again, I apologize for my misinformed comments about HIV/AIDS and I know education on this is important. Love to all. God bless.”

DaBaby has been roundly criticized for remarks he made last weekend at Miami’s Rolling Loud Festival, in which he insulted gay people, slandered women, and demonized those suffering from HIV and AIDS. “You didn’t show up today with HIV, AIDS, any of those deadly sexually transmitted diseases that’ll make you die [in] two, three weeks, put your cellphone light in the air,” he said during his performance. “Ladies, if your pussy smell like water, put a cell phone light in the air. Fellas, if you ain’t sucking n**** dick in the parking lot, put your cell phone lights in the air.”

In response to the backlash, DaBaby released a tone-deaf statement in which he blamed “brands, networks, or artists that like to profit off of black rappers influence on the culture” for overreacting to his comments. He then released a self-directed music video which made two references to the controversy, holding up a sign that said “AIDS,” and spelling out a message in rainbow lettering directed at the LGBTQ community: “My apologies for being me the same way you want the freedom to be you.”

DaBaby was promptly booted as the headliner of Sunday night’s Lollapalooza, and was also removed from the lineups of both Governors Ball and Day N Vegas.



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