Facebook Is Deleting Accounts of Users Repeatedly Harassing Lizzo: Report

Representatives for the social media platform say they've had to ban a number of accounts after Lizzo released "Rumors"

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Lizzo’s triumphant return with “Rumors,” her new song featuring Cardi B, has been partially spoiled by vicious online harassment campaigns. Now, sources at Facebook are telling TMZ that the deluge of racist, fat-phobic, and bullying comments has already resulted in a number of account bans, with more possible in the coming days.

The nastiness emerged in the aftermath of one of Lizzo’s greatest professional triumphs. After years of clawing her way up the indie circuit, releasing a pair of unheralded albums in 2013 and 2015, the pop singer finally broke into the mainstream with her 2019 album Cuz I Love YouSuddenly the biggest artists in the world were answering her calls, which she proved with her new collaboration with Cardi B, one of the best-selling female rappers in history.

With great exposure comes less-than-great harassment, but Lizzo suffered through more than her fair share. The waves of hateful remarks left her in tears over the weekend, as she shared in an Instagram live session, saying, “On the days when I should feel the happiest, it just… I feel so down.” She added, “Sometimes it feels like the world just don’t love me back.”

Cardi B came to her defense, writing that “Body shaming and callin her mammy is mean & racist as fuck.” And employees at Facebook say they’re doing their part, too. The social media platform claims to have already removed several comments that violate the terms and conditions, while outright banning repeat offenders. Sources suggest that they’ll continue to monitor Lizzo’s Facebook presence, and will ban more accounts if the problem persists.

All of this has obscured what should have been the main story: “Rumors” is delightfully catchy, which is one of the reasons we named it our Song of the Week. Check out some of Lizzo and Cardi B’s statements on the topic below.


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