Foxing Share New Album Draw Down the Moon: Stream

Featuring a single with WHY? and extra production by Manchester Orchestra's Andy Hull

Foxing Draw Down the Moon stream new album song music single record apple music spotify, photo by Hayden Molinarolo

Foxing, the St. Louis trio whose music spans emo to prog rock and beyond, have just released their excellent new album Draw Down the Moon. Stream it below via Apple Music and Spotify.

Draw Down the Moon is Foxing’s fourth album overall and their first since releasing the epic Nearer My God in 2018. Although it only spans 10 tracks, this new record is enormous in scope and sound. It sees Foxing drawing inspiration from everything imaginable—Dungeons and Dragons, Kate Bush, Joe Pera, overwhelming grief, deep gratitude, and more—and fitting it into sprawling, visionary songs that magically work well together.

“It’s about the idea of your cosmic significance,” said frontman Conor Murphy in an earlier statement. “The way you feel like a tiny speck in the grand scheme of the universe, that’s a feeling everybody has. You can get lost thinking about how small you are. Draw Down the Moon explores how our connections to people and places and ideas are what binds us to the universe and reality.”

The album was produced by the band’s own guitarist Eric Hudson with extra input from Andy Hull. You can hear some of that Manchester Orchestra grandeur on the single “Where the Lightning Strikes Twice.” Elsewhere, tracks like “Go Down Together” and “Speak with the Dead” featuring WHY? are completely original while bearing the Foxing trademark sound all over.

Physical pre-orders of Draw Down the Moon are still ongoing, including special vinyl variants. Check out the cover artwork and full tracklist for it below. Don’t forget to stop by Foxing’s official website, too, where they’re selling a real-life game (!) based off the record as well as a coloring book featuring scenes from their music videos.

Draw Down the Moon Artwork:

Draw Down the Moon by Foxing album artwork cover art DDTM stream

Draw Down the Moon Tracklist:
01. 737
02. Go Down Together
03. Beacons
04. Draw Down the Moon
05. Where the Lightning Strikes Twice
06. Bialystok
07. At Least We Found the Floor
08. Cold Blooded
09. If I Believed in Love
10. Speak with the Dead (feat. WHY?)


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