Grimes Claps Back at Elon Musk Haters on TikTok: “I Am Not My BF’s Spokesperson”

The pop star took part in the viral "Is he hot or..." trend on the app

grimes elon musk tiktok is he hot or... challenge

Grimes took to social media On Saturday to defend Elon Musk with the help of the latest TikTok trend.

Jumping on the “Is he hot or…” challenge, the pop star called out the constant stream of comments she fields about her relationship with the tech entrepreneur, writing, “Stop harassing me on this app over fake news and I am not my bf’s spokesperson.”

In the clip, Grimes is seen coolly petting a robotic dog and picking up a (fake?) knife with a slight grin as text plays out over the video. “Is he hot or is he out to destroy big oil[?] Is he hot or will he put the first human on Mars[?] Is he hot or is he giving an $100 million prize for scalable ideas to remove CO2 from earths atmosphere[?] Is he hot or is he developing batteries that don’t use cobalt therapy eliminating unethical mining practices from our cars and phones[?]” she wrote.

The “Shinigami Eyes” singer also clapped back at another user in the comments of her post who questioned Musk’s role in the very mining industry she references in her post. “…. whose unethical mining practices???? is it… HIS OWN???” the person commented, leading Grimes to respond, “Tesla is transparent about their mining and it’s all good.” She also provided a link to the company’s 2020 impact report when a separate follower purported that Musk has slaves mining lithium, writing, “Here is the correct supply chain info so you can stop stressing over incorrect info.”

Check out Grimes’ “Is he hot or…” challenge below.

Last month, the avant-garde pop star shared the news that her pal Lil Uzi Vert is attempting to buy his own planet, a giant gaseous exoplanet called WASP-127b. Just one day earlier, she also teased a new song titled “Tragedy,” claiming her record label didn’t think it would be an appropriate single.


Stop harassing me on this app over fake news and I am not my bf’s spokesperson 🌸🌸

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