James Corden Gets Roasted for Blocking LA Traffic with Flash Mob

The viral stunt involved Camila Cabello, Idina Menzel, Billy Porter, and a rat costume

James Corden flash mob
Photo via Twitter

    Let’s get…loud? James Corden held up traffic in Los Angeles on Friday with the cast of the upcoming Cinderella remake to perform Jennifer Lopez’s “Let’s Get Loud” while dressed in as a giant mouse.

    One particular driver at the front of the pack happened to capture the performance, and got a front row seat to Corden thrusting in the air to the beat while Camila Cabello breathlessly mouthed the words to J.Lo’s hit 1999 single. “LMFAO CAMILLA IS SO PRETTY,” the fan posted on Twitter alongside the clip, leading it to go viral with jokes, criticism, and other hilarious commentary.

    “Imagine being late to work because james corden had to do hip thrusts at you in a rat costume,” one person quipped, while another wrote, “Seeing James Corden in a rat costume one more time will be the start of my villain origin story.”


    The stunt, which also involved Billy Porter and Idina Menzel, appears to have been filmed for The Late Late Show with James Corden, where the talk show host has also pulled similar gags over the years with the casts of Frozen, Aladdin, The Greatest Showman, and more. (But really, how has Menzel done this more than once?)

    Check out Corden’s viral hip-thrusting moment and some of the most hilarious reactions below. Meanwhile, the latest iteration of Cinderella will hit Amazon Prime on September 3rd.

    Earlier this week, Corden hosted Lorde on his show for a wide-ranging chat about her new album Solar Power, cleansing herself of social media, and a performance of “California.”

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