Jimmy Urine of Mindless Self Indulgence Sued for Sexual Assault of Minor

The plaintiff claims Jimmy Urine began a sexual relationship with her when she was 15 years old

jimmy urine mindless self indulgence sexual assault minor lawsuit

James Euringer, aka Jimmy Urine, the lead vocalist and songwriter behind Mindless Self Indulgence, has been sued for sexually assaulting a minor.

As Rolling Stone reports, a lawsuit filed in New York claims that Euringer began a sexual relationship with a 15-year-old girl in January 1997 which continued through June 1999. The plaintiff — who will remain anonymous because she was underaged when the alleged events took place — claims that Euringer “groomed and manipulated [her] into believing that his sexually assaultive behavior was not criminal and that by engaging in sexual activity with him Plaintiff was actually helping to protect younger girls from sexual assaults.”

According to the lawsuit, Euringer knew she was a minor, and even wrote her a letter wishing her a happy 15th birthday. During their interactions, he also purportedly instructed her to “act like a small child, and suck her thumb, drool, and pee in her pants.” The plaintiff says Euringer manipulated her into believing that their relationship protected even younger minors from his urges.

“During this time, Euringer acted as and treated Plaintiff as though she was his girlfriend and the two were in a consensual relationship,” the suit states — but only in private. Euringer allegedly bought her a fake ID and brought her to concerts and bars. When they were together in public, the plaintiff claims that he asked her to refrain from showing affection, the better to protect him from potential repercussions.

The suit also lists Warner Music Group Corp, Warner Communications LLC, Mindless Self Indulgence’s former label Elektra Entertainment Group, and the band’s former manager and producer Joseph Galus as co-defendants. The plaintiff claims that a picture of her while she was still a minor was printed on tour shirts for the band, and that an Elektra A&R executive observed Euringer kissing and caressing her on several occasions.

“With their knowledge, relationship to Euringer, and control over Euringer, his shows, his music, and at times his access to minors, Defendants had the opportunity and ability to stop Euringer’s sexual assaults, and to protect Plaintiff and others, but did not,” the suit alleges. “As a result, Plaintiff has suffered humiliation, shame, and horror that she will continue to suffer for the rest of her life.”


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