Kanye West, Who Hasn’t Finished An Album in Nine Years, is Releasing a Stem Pack So You Can Do It For Him

Fans will have the chance to fix the album for themselves

Kanye West

Not since Yeezus in 2013 has Kanye West finished an album to his satisfaction. For weeks after the release of 2016’s The Life of Pablo, Kanye continued to tweak and tinker several tracks. His follow-up, ye, was recorded in a matter of days, and even though it was only seven tracks long, many of them felt rushed or unfinished. The same was true for his 2019 LP, The Jesus is King, which was mostly recorded on an iPhone. After the premiere of his latest album, Donda, received less than an enthusiastic reaction  during a listening event last month, Kanye postponed its release indefinitely and has spent the last month re-working it. Whether or not Donda is ever released is an open question, but if and when it finally is, the album will likely suffer from some of the same construction and mixing issues that have plagued his other recent releases.

This time around, however, fans will have the chance to fix the album for themselves. Kanye is selling the Donda Stem Player, a tool which will allow users to “customize any song,” including its vocals, drums, bass, and samples. It’ll also offer 4-channel lossless audio mixing, loop and speed control, tactile effects, and more.

The Donda Stem Player is currently available to purchase on Kanye’s website for $200, and it’ll ship days after the album’s release.

Meanwhile, the artist formerly known as Kanye West is gearing up for another listening event, this time at Chicago’s Solider Field. Fair warning though: the event won’t require vaccination or a negative test result.

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