Kanye West’s Top 20 Songs

Ye's 20 greatest tracks ever, ranked in order from worst to best

Kanye West Best Songs
Illustration by Steven Fiche

    This article originally ran in 2013 and has been updated.

    Kanye West returned on Sunday, August 29th with Donda, which was initially set to arrive in July 2020, but, you know…Kanye. Whether you’re loving or hating the effort, you can always look back on the good ol’ days with our list of his top 20 songs.

    Obviously, ten albums, three collaborative releases, and dozens of singles later, it was more of a chore to put together than anything else. In order to keep sane, we pared things down to the general overview, best lyrics and samples of each song.

    So did anything from Donda make it to our updated list? To find out, see Kanye’s 20 best songs, ranked from worst to best, below.

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