Limp Bizkit Debut New Song “Dad Vibes” at Lollapalooza as Fred Durst Rocks Look to Match: Watch

The nu-metal band played a recording of the new track at the end of their 10-song set

Limp Bizkit new song "Dad VIbes"

Limp Bizkit rocked the classics and a new look for singer Fred Durst during their set at Lollapalooza over the weekend. They also treated fans to a recording of a new song, appropriately titled “Dad Vibes.”

Durst, sporting a gray “dad” wig and a horseshoe mustache, came across as what we’d imagine James Hetfield would look like had he never been in Metallica (and was just a regular 50-something dude). How do we know it’s a wig, you ask? Durst has been balding since the early days of Bizkit, so unless he got a quick hair transplant, it’s very likely it’s a gray toupee. In fact, at Wisconsin’s Rock Fest, just two weeks prior to Lollapalooza, the singer rocked his usual red-capped look with a full beard.

The Bizkit frontman first teased the new look via a couple posts on Instagram, and then continued looking like a “dad” at both the band’s main Lollapalooza set in Chicago’s Grant Park on Saturday (July 31st), and at a festival after-party gig at The Metro club two nights earlier.

After a 10-song Lollapalooza set that featured favorites like “Break Stuff,” “Rollin’,” and “Nookie,” Durst addressed the crowd, saying, “This song right here is for you and only you. This is a song off our new album called ‘Dad Vibes.’ I wanna see everybody out there dancing right now.”

The band then played a studio recording of “Dad Vibes” as Durst jumped down to the crowd and threw t-shirts into the audience, while the rest of the band made its way offstage.

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Bizkit’s new album, whenever it does come out, will be their first in 2011’s Gold Cobra. For years, the upcoming LP has had the working title of Stampede of the Disco Elephants, but it remains to be seen whether it will retain that name upon its release.

Hear “Dad Vibes” in the player below. Bizkit’s “Limited Last Minute Post Pandemic Popup Party” summer tour with support from Spiritbox continues tonight (August 2nd) in Clive, Iowa, and runs through an August 24th show in Los Angeles. Pick up tickets via Ticketmaster. For shows that are sold out, visit StubHub.



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