The Spider-Man: No Way Home Trailer, Explained

A scene-by-scene look at all that's revealed in the film's first trailer

No Way Home Trailer

Rumors, theories, and leaks abounded, but nothing was ever going to spoiler the excitement of the first Spider-Man: No Way Home trailer. Fans are still hyped off the official reveal that the third (and potentially final) Marvel Cinematic Universe solo Spidey film will introduce the Spider-Verse and what seems to be the first big-screen appearance of the Sinister Six.

But what else about the new movie has this first teaser revealed? Let’s take a scene-by-scene look to uncover some more mysteries and spur some more speculation.

Spoiler alert: Obviously, we’ll be discussing some potential plot spoilers here, including comic references the moviegoing audience may not be tuned into. Skip this whole thing if you’d rather keep all the secrets secret.


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