Stanning BTS ‘Shipisode: SOPE

Kayla and Bethany discuss BTS members Suga and J-Hope's iconic friendship

stanning bts ship sope

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In this episode of the Stanning BTS podcast, Kayla and Bethany celebrate the iconic duo of J-Hope and Suga, aka SOPE. Every interpersonal relationship in BTS is special, and SOPE is no exception!

Join us as we talk about the pair’s personalities, the energy they share during SOPE song transitions, and a multitude of their interactions from their content over the years.

Stanning BTS is a biweekly podcast that covers anything and everything having to do with BTS and ARMY. In each episode, hosts Kayla and Bethany find the perfect balance between research and fangirl. They take a deep dive into lyrics during album reviews, theorize over music videos, and sometimes even retell a favorite fan-fic. Really, no BTS topic is off limits. Join the iconic ARMY to fan-out, laugh, and learn a little bit along the way.

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