The Phantom of the Stadium Is Now Haunting the Consequence Shop

His stadium is your studio

Phantom of the Stadium

As the soccer players take the pitch, he pulls on his red puffy jacket and tan nylon mask. As the band takes the stage for their first show in months, he toils behind the scenes finishing his latest album. His studio is your stadium; he is… The Phantom of the Stadium!

When will you actually get to hear this musical genius’ work? Who knows! He sure as heck doesn’t, no matter how many release and listening parties he throws. But don’t draw back in fear — this is the T-shirt you should wear!

Created exclusively by the Consequence team, our original “Phantom of the Stadium” design features the titular figure lording over the seats of the arena he calls (at least temporarily) home. Available as a black T-shirt or a white tank top, the latest addition to the newly relaunched Consequence Shop continues our support of independent music venues (ahem, not stadiums), with a portion of proceeds going to the National Independent Venue Association‘s (NIVA) Emergency Relief Fund.

Pick up your “Phantom of the Stadium” shirt before it vanishes at the Consequence Shop or via the buy-now button below.

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