Travis Tritt Quotes MLK in Explaining Why Vaccine Mandates are Discriminatory

Fuck this guy

Travis Tritt is a douche
Travis Tritt, photo courtesy of artist

    With each passing day, more and more artists and promoters are asking for proof of vaccination as a requirement to attend in-person events. In response to this growing trend, the multi-platinum country musician Travis Tritt felt compelled “to make a statement” against such mandates, likening them to a form of discrimination.

    “In light of recently announced policies and mandates from some entertainment companies, promoters and local municipalities which would discriminate against specific concert attendees who are not vaccinated, I feel compelled to make a statement,” Tritt said. “I have always been a huge defender of basic human rights and liberty for all. No government, employer or private entity should ever be allowed to infringe on those rights and liberties. I’m also very much against discrimination of any kind. All forms of discrimination need to be called out and condemned in the strongest terms possible.”

    “For these reasons, let me say that I fully support anyone who is willing to publicly stand against discrimination and the squelching of any specific freedoms and basic human rights around the world. If you agree that any form of discrimination should be condemned and that basic human rights are worth defending, I urge you to stand up with me and let your voices be heard. The only way these injustices can be defeated is with a unified front against them. Use your voice to stand for what is right and against what is wrong. Long live freedom!”


    Tritt ended his statement by quoting Martin Luther King Jr.: “In the end, we will remember not the words of our enemies, but the silence of our friends.”

    MLK Jr., of course, said the above quote in the context of race relations in 1960s America. The civil rights activist also famously said, “we need a sense of urgency as if it were your child,” and there’s no better way to protect children than to get vaccinated for COVID-19 — especially as the delta variant has caused a spike in child hospitalizations.

    So, in conclusion, please avoid any of Tritt’s upcoming concerts super spreader events, get vaccinated, mask up, and don’t ever quote MLK out of context.

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