Cypress Hill Reveal First Look at New Graphic Novel Tres Equis: Exclusive

A visual retelling of the iconic rap group's origins

cypress hill comic book graphic novel Tres Equis z2 comics
Cypress Hill: Tres Equis (Z2 Comics)

    Consequence recently told the oral history of the legendary Cypress Hill on our The Opus podcast. Now, the Los Angeles rap group’s origins are getting a visual retelling via Z2 Comics’ latest graphic novel, Cypress Hill: Tres Equis.

    Arriving September 15th, the 160-page graphic novel depicts the early days of Louis “B-Real” Freese and Senen “Sen Dog” Reyes, back when they “were just a couple teenage cholos from around the way.” Through the stories in the book, we learn how a “series of chance encounters with both sides of the law changed their paths forever.” What’s more, classic Cypress Hill characters like Officer O’Malley, Sister Maggie, and others make appearances throughout the book.

    “Watching the 30-plus year origin of Cypress Hill retold through comics panels has been incredible,” Sen Dog tells Consequence. “These artists have created an art time machine of Cypress Hill’s birth. It’s the perfect way to continue celebrating the anniversary of our debut album.”


    Co-written by Noah Callahan-Bever (Complex Media) and Gabriel Alvarez (Ego Trip), Cypress Hill: Tres Equis features artwork by Felix Ruiz (Wolverine MAX), Jefte Palo (Taskmaster), Juan Gedeon (Venom), Damion Scott (Marvel’s Voices), Angel Hernandez (Star Trek/Green Lantern) and Paris Alleyne (AFTERFLIFT). Ahead of the graphic novel hitting shelves this Wednesday, check out some exclusive advance preview pages below.

    In addition to standard softcover and hardcover editions, Cypress Hill: Tres Equis is available in a Deluxe Edition and a Super Deluxe Edition, the latter limited to just 500 copies. Both oversized packages include the hardcover Cypress Hill: Tres Equis with Mister Cartoon cover; a Tyler Boss-designed slipcase; the 30th anniversary vinyl reissue of Cypress Hill pressed on translucent green vinyl with limited edition sleeve art designed by Ricardo Lopez Ortiz; and a trio of 8.75-inch-by-13.46inchexclusive art prints from Damion Scott, Juan Gaedeon, and Ortiz.

    The Super Deluxe version also includes three exclusive Cypress Hill action figures in a collector’s box, plus a Cypress Hill “Tres Equis” bucket hat.

    Beneath the preview pages below, you can take a look at the full Cypress Hill: Tres Equis Super Deluxe Edition package. Orders are available now via Z2 Comics.

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