Josh Homme’s 15-Year-Old Daughter Granted Restraining Order Against Father

Camille Homme accuses her father of physical and verbal abuse

Josh Homme
Josh Homme, photo by Burak Cingi/Redferns

    Josh Hommes daughter and eldest child, Camille Homme, has been granted a temporary restraining order against her father.

    Camille, 15, was granted the temporary restraining order in a Santa Monica, CA court on September 7th — a day before news broke that her two younger brothers had also sought protective orders.

    In an affidavit included in her court filing, Camille claims that her father has repeatedly threatened her mother, Brody Dalle, and her mother’s new boyfriend. She also says Homme has been physically and verbally abusive towards her and her brothers, and recounted instances in which he “physically disciplined” the children by “grabbing ears, jabbing shoulders, grabbing the back of our necks, slapping top of head, face palming (my brother) [sic].”

    Camille also accuses her father of driving while intoxicated, and claims to have seen multiple bottles of alcohol and drugs around his house.

    “My brothers and I are afraid retaliation from our father,” Camille writes. “We’re afraid that he might kill our mother or her boyfriend. We’re afraid he might hit us or continue to abuse us emotionally. Please, we just want it to stop.”

    Camille also sought a protective order for her brothers, but because she is underage the court denied the request. “A 15 year old cannot seek relief on behalf of her siblings,” the court ruled. Brody Dalle has also sought protective orders on behalf of her sons, but two separate judges, one in Los Angeles and another in Santa Monica, have rejected her requests.


    In a statement addressing Camille’s protective order, Homme’s attorney, Susan E. Wiesner, alleged that it was prepared by Dalle, as evidenced by Dalle’s handwriting on the forms, and “was filed in retaliation for Josh obtaining a TRO against Brody for her physical abuse of Josh, among other things involving the children.”

    However, in her own statement sent by a representative, Camille said the words were all her own. “My DVRO isn’t fake and was NOT written by my Mom! It’s a means to an end. Everything in there is something I SAW, EXPERIENCED, and HEARD and is 100% true. To deny that is to deny the human right of free speech. I wish I could’ve protected my brothers under it, but unfortunately, the law says otherwise.”

    A court hearing on Camille’s restraining order is scheduled for September 28th, 2021.

    Dalle filed for divorce from Homme in November 2019, ending their 12-year marriage. The following month, Dalle requested and was granted a restraining order against her ex-husband, alleging that he had head-butted her. In turn, Homme filed his own restraining order against Dalle, accusing her of physical and verbal abuse.


    Consequence has reached out to Homme’s representatives for comment.

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