New Motörhead Box Set Collects the Band’s “Loudest Songs”

Everything Louder Forever spans ever era of the band's legendary career

motorhead everything louder forever box set
Motorhead (photo by Robert John), Motorhead’s Everything Louder Forever Box Set (courtesy of Wilful Publicity)

    A new Motörhead box set entitled Everything Louder Forever will be the first collection to span every era of the band. It will be available digitally and in 2-CD and 4-LP formats on October 29th.

    Billed as the “definitive collection of their loudest songs ever,” the box set is a Motörhead crash course, representing the full breadth of their illustrious 40-year career.

    “This collection is the definitive assembly of Motörhead songs…” reads the box set’s press release. “And we feel that if in this mad mad world we’re living in, some aliens decide to drop by your house for tea and demanding an explanation as to, ‘what the f–k is this Motörhead that we keep hearing and feeling bits of in our extra-terrestrial houses millions of miles away,’ you could happily play Everything Louder Forever and know that the question will be thoroughly answered.”

    Fans will get classic songs such as “Ace of Spades” and “Overkill,” plus other career highlights such as “The Game” (written as the entrance music for WWE wrestler Triple H), Motörhead’s cover of the Sex Pistols’ “God Save the Queen,” deep cuts, and concert staples. The collection faithfully includes recordings from each iteration of the band.


    Motörhead formed in 1975 and was led by the charismatic rock ’n roll lifer Lemmy Kilmister. The band’s iconic early-era lineup included Lemmy on bass/vocals, Phil “Philthy Animal” Taylor on drums, and Fast Eddie Clarke on guitar.

    Brian Robertson would take over on guitar in 1982 before stepping aside for Phil Campbell in 1984. Campbell remained the band’s guitarist until Lemmy’s passing in 2015. Meanwhile, Taylor would be an off-and-on presence in the group until 1992, when Mikkey Dee took over.

    The final lineup of Lemmy, Campbell, and Dee would last longer than any other. The trio stuck together from 1992 until 2015, cranking out a steady flow of studio albums. When the Rock & Roll Hall of Fame initially excluded Campbell and Dee from Motörhead’s 2020 induction nod, the ensuing controversy resulted in the nomination being amended to include their names.


    Pre-order Everything Louder Forever here. See the full tracklist and box set design below.

    Everything Louder Forever Box Set:

    Everything Louder Forever Tracklist:
    Disc 1
    01. Overkill
    02. We Are Motörhead
    03. Snaggletooth
    04. Rock It
    05. Orgasmatron
    06. Brotherhood Of Man
    07. In The Name Of Tragedy
    08. Bomber
    09. Sacrifice
    10. The Thousand Names Of God
    11. Love For Sale
    12. Killed By Death
    13. I’m So Bad (Baby I Don’t Care)
    14. Smiling Like A Killer
    15. Sharpshooter
    16. Queen Of The Damned
    17. Keys To The Kingdom
    18. Cradle To The Grave
    19. Lost Johnny
    20. The Game

    Disc 2
    01. Ace Of Spades
    02. Burner
    03. Stone Dead Forever
    04. Bad Woman
    05. Just Cos You Got The Power
    06. Stay Out Of Jail
    07. No Class
    08. I Am The Sword
    09. The Chase Is Better Than The Catch
    10. God Save The Queen
    11. R.A.M.O.N.E.S.
    12. Iron Fist
    13. Rock Out
    14. Dirty Love
    15. Shine
    16. Overnight Sensation
    17. On Your Feet Or On Your Knees
    18. I Ain’t No Nice Guy
    19. Sucker
    20. 1916
    21. Choking On Your Screams
    22. Motörhead

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