St. Vincent Shares Soundtrack to New Mockumentary The Nowhere Inn: Stream

The Carrie Brownstein co-created mockumentary thriller is also out today

st. vincent the nowhere inn movie documentary mockumentary soundtrack stream
St. Vincent’s The Nowhere Inn

    Today marks the long-awaited release of St. Vincent and Carrie Brownstein’s mockumentary thriller The Nowhere Inn. As the film hits select theaters and video-on-demand services, so too has the St. Vinny’s Nowhere Inn soundtrack dropped on streaming platforms. Take a listen below.

    Previously previewed with the title track/theme, the Nowhere Inn OST is a mix of full songs (“Palm Desert,” “Waiting on a Wave”) and trippy score that matches the movie’s twisted, humorous vibes. While there are tracks called “Carrie Wave,” “Carrie Voicemail,” and “Carrie off Bus,” Brownstein herself doesn’t appear on the soundtrack.

    Check out St. Vincent’s full The Nowhere Inn soundtrack below via Apple Music and Spotify.

    Coming co-written and co-starring Brownstein and St. Vincent’s Annie Clark as fictionalized versions of themselves, The Nowhere Inn was directed by Bill Benz (who also helmed the Daddy’s Home videos). The plot finds the two indie icons working on a documentary about Clark, but as they dig into her life, their perception of “reality, identity, and authenticity” begins to warp.


    Meanwhile, St. Vincent is out on tour supporting her latest LP, Daddy’s Home. Grab tickets via Ticketmaster.

    The Nowhere Inn OST Artwork:

    The Nowhere Inn OST soundtrack film score movie Annie Clark music video St. Vincent Carrie Brownstein

    The Nowhere Inn OST Tracklist:
    01. The Nowhere Inn
    02. Carrie Voicemail
    03. Palm Desert
    04. Carrie Wave
    05. Waiting on a Wave
    06. Opening Limo Scene
    07. Hallway Scene
    08. Rooftop
    09. Come to Jesus
    10. Downtempo Montage
    11. Sex Scene
    12. Board Room
    13. Spa Scene
    14. Tour Bus
    15. Carrie Off Bus
    16. Texas Intro
    17. Texas Choir
    18. Bacchanal
    19. Ending

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