Staind’s Aaron Lewis Leads “F**k Joe Biden” Chant in President’s Hometown of Scranton: Watch

The concert was a stop on Staind's co-headlining tour with Korn

staind aaron lewis joe biden scranton
Staind’s Aaron Lewis (photo by Amy Harris)

    Staind singer Aaron Lewis, who has been outspoken about his right-wing views, led a chant of “F**k Joe Biden” during his band’s concert in Scranton, Pennsylvania, on Saturday (September 25th). The city happens to be the president’s hometown.

    Biden was born and raised in Scranton, a piece of information not lost on Lewis. He paused the show — a stop on Staind’s co-headlining tour with Korn — to draw attention to the fact, exclaiming “F**k Joe Biden coming from Scranton, Pennsylvania,” before whipping up the crowd into a “F**k Joe Biden” chant.

    As it turned out, a good portion of the crowd participated in the chant. We can only wonder what Staind’s current tourmates in Korn think about such a blatant political statement being injected into the evening’s proceedings. However, knowing Lewis’ history, it couldn’t have been entirely unexpected.


    The chant is par for the Staind frontman — one of the most staunchly conservative individuals in rock or metal. In recent weeks, he’s been seen wearing “F**k Biden” and “I could sh*t a better president” shirts, as well as the “Impeach Biden” hat seen at the recent Louder Than Life festival.

    Back in April, he released a solo single, “Am I the Only One,” a right-wing rallying cry that takes on the liberal agenda while dissing Bruce Springsteen. Lewis is also the guy who called former president Barack Obama “truly the worst f**king president that we have ever had in the history of this f**king country.”

    Watch fan-filmed footage of Aaron Lewis leading the chant below.

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