Stanning BTS Spotisode: Tour Cancellation and “Butter” with Megan Thee Stallion

Kayla and Bethany tackle tour cancellations, remixes, and more

stanning bts map of the soul tour spotisode cancellation
Stanning BTS, photo courtesy of BigHit Music

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    In this spotisode of the Stanning BTS podcast, Kayla and Bethany catch up on a few of the big BTS stories that have happened over the last few weeks.

    They talk about the official cancellation of the “Map of the Soul Tour,” Billboard’s most recent interview and article “Inside the Business of BTS — And the Challenges Ahead,” the “Butter” remix with Megan Thee Stallion, and SUGA’s composition of Samsung’s “Over the Horizon.”

    Spotisodes are a series of episodes where Kayla and Bethany clean up “spots” of missed BTS content not covered in previous episodes. We hope you enjoy! Thank you so much for listening and for your support!

    Stanning BTS is a biweekly podcast that covers anything and everything having to do with BTS and ARMY. In each episode, hosts Kayla and Bethany find the perfect balance between research and fangirl. They take a deep dive into lyrics during album reviews, theorize over music videos, and sometimes even retell a favorite fan-fic. Really, no BTS topic is off limits. Join the iconic ARMY to fan-out, laugh, and learn a little bit along the way.


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