Adele’s 10 Best Songs

10 great tracks from one of the world's best-selling artists

Adele Best Songs
Illustration by Steven Fiche

    This article originally ran in 2021, but we’re bringing it back around for Adele’s birthday on Thursday (May 5th).

    It’s sometimes surprising to remember just how long Adele has been part of the pop culture conversation. Her breakout, “Hometown Glory,” was released when she was only nineteen years old, and it’s a track the singer-songwriter penned at just sixteen.

    Since then, Adele has obliterated records to the tune of fifteen Grammy awards across three full-length studio albums. Her crossover appeal is the result of a unique mix of gifted vocals, vulnerable songwriting, and a personality overflowing with sharp wit.

    It’s been over five years now since Adele released new music — a curious stint as host of Saturday Night Live in 2020 was more of an opportunity for the vocalist to try her hand at comedy and acting than it was a hint of a musical comeback — but finally, new tunes from Adele are on the horizon after all.


    As we prepare ourselves for getting in our feels tomorrow (October 15th) when Adele makes her musical comeback with “Easy on Me,” (and next month when she unleashes her new album 30), we’ve rounded up ten of our favorite Adele songs and organized them into a playlist.

    — Mary Siroky
    Contributing Editor

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