Fart-Sound Guitar Pedal a Big Hit on Kickstarter: Hear It Rip on GN’R, AC/DC, Nirvana, and Zeppelin Classics

"Now you can lace your signature sound with some truly epic farts"

fart guitar pedal kickstarter
The Fart Pedal (via Kickstarter)

    Introducing the Fart Pedal, the guitar pedal that makes fart noises.

    Yes, a pedal that sounds like farts is now a thing, thanks to Chicago-based creator Steve Gadlin. He crushed his $30,000 Kickstarter goal to fund the first 250 units.

    If you’ve ever wanted to loosen up the bottom end of your guitar tone, or make music that sounds like literal ass, look no further. Gadlin even shared convincing sample playthroughs of iconic songs by AC/DC, Led Zeppelin, Nirvana, and Gun N’ Roses.

    Imagine, perfectly controlling your flatulence to the tune of “Sweet Child O’ Mine.” There’s even a knob control to adjust the amount of “gas” and a switch for “wet” or “dry” output.

    Gadlin is right when he says the fart noises generated by the pedal “aren’t your run of the mill Spencer’s Gifts fart machine toots.”

    “I worked with an award-winning sound design company in Chicago to develop bespoke, custom fart noises, for which I hold the exclusive license,” he remarked via the Kickstarter page. “These fart noises have been tailored specifically for a guitar amplifier, and tuned for exceptional live or studio performance.”


    For the pranksters out there, the pedal comes with “fake out” decals so you can disguise the Fart Pedal as a standard stomp box for an unwitting guitarist and watch hilarity ensue. To top off if off, the pedal comes housed in a special “can o’ beans,” because the more you eat…

    Check out the Fart Pedal in action below.

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