Lana Del Rey’s 10 Best Songs

Revisiting Lana’s best tracks of all time

lana del rey best songs

This article originally ran in 2021, but we’re bringing it back for Lana Del Rey’s birthday on June 21st.

In 2011, Lizzie Grant introduced the world to Lana Del Rey with songs like “Video Games” and “Born to Die.” Her offerings somehow sounded both apocalyptic and romantic at the same time. Teens, particularly those of the We Heart It set, instantly ate it up.

Since then, Del Rey has evolved past many a Tumblr GIF, cementing her place in the pop canon through carefully-crafted ballads and bangers alike. She’s undertaken purposeful collaborations with contemporary stars and the kids of folk icons. An undeniable aesthetic permeates it all, but beneath the schtick is a truly great songwriter. The industry has paid attention, too; Del Rey’s work has earned her six Grammy nominations.

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Meanwhile, when it comes to both her opinions and her music, LDR is fairly prolific (for better or for worse). Tomorrow, October 22nd, she’ll drop her eighth studio album (and her second of 2021), Blue Banisters. To celebrate, we’ve picked our 10 favorite Lana tracks.

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She’ll make you laugh, she’ll make you cry. Here are Lana Del Rey’s 10 best songs of all time, ranked for your pleasure.


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