The Alchemist Unveils New Song “Miracle Baby” Featuring Mavi: Stream

Alchemist will drop the EP This Thing of Ours Vol. 2 on October 8th

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The Alchemist and Mavi’s “Miracle Baby” video

    On Tuesday, The Alchemist announced This Thing of Ours Vol. 2, the sequel to the April EP This Thing of OursNow, he’s shared the first single from the October 8th release, “Miracle Baby,” featuring the 21-year-old North Carolinian Mavi.

    Alchemist beats tend to go easy on the percussion and hard on atmospherics, and “Miracle Baby” is no exception. The track opens with samples with such a tinny tone that they just sound black and white, as voices say, “Look in my eyes and tell me what you see,” and, “The eyes are the window to the soul.” The beat drops with choral “oohs,” and persistent bass, and while it’s possible to pick out kick drums and high hats, they’re low enough in the mix that Mavi has the space to do whatever he wants.

    Here, the rising rapper unleashes a stream of consciousness flow, with long phrases that end on a series of quick internal rhymes. “Wrote this one in the mountains out in Tennessee, a tin of tree/ Attempt to kick the tens but I got tendencies/ Sins to beat and grins to seek/ Passed out in the mountain top and skim the peak/ How God playing drums for y’all n****s and I miss the beat, misery,” he spits. He also keeps a couple of punchlines in his back pocket, bragging about paying for his girlfriend’s tuition by rapping, “I just put my hoe through college, Lori Laughlin.”


    The track comes with a music video directed by Daniel Reagan. It shows Mavi rapping alongside footage of nature, sports, and more, as the reel goes forwards and backwards in time. Check out The Alchemist’s “Miracle Baby” below.

    The Alchemist has already collaborated on two of the best rap releases of the year in Bo Jackson with Boldy James and Armand Hammer’s HaramIn September, he produced the AZ track “Ritual,” which was our Rap Song of the Week.

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