Anand Wilder Shares Origins of New Single “I Don’t Want Our Love to Become Routine”: Exclusive

Taken from the Yeasayer member's debut solo album, I Don't Know My Words.

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With our recurring new music feature Origins, artists connect with listeners by revealing the inspirations behind their latest songs. Today, former Yeasayer member Anand Wilder shares his new solo track “I Don’t Want Our Love to Become Routine.”

Two years after the breakup of Yeasayer, former member Anand Wilder is readying his debut solo album. I Don’t Know My Words is set to arrive on March 25th, 2022, and Wilder has today shared a new single off the LP, “I Don’t Want Our Love to Become Routine.”

The track is a more delicate representation of the folk pop Wilder displayed on previous single “Delirium Passes.” With piano tip-toeing in the background, he sings of the realistic hardships of longterm relationships. “I see a couple that mate together/ Because they hate themselves,” he sings. “Sit around and berate each other/ Instead of running like hell.”

“I chose ‘I Don’t Want Our Love to Become Routine’ as the second single because it marked a turning point in my recording process that would inform the aesthetic of the rest of the album,” Wilder explains to Consequence. “Fewer electronic digital sounds, more tastefully arranged mic’d up acoustic instruments. It’s good to have precepts for a project to give yourself some limits. And of course those rules are made to be broken.”

Take a listen via the visualizer below, followed by Wilder’s complete Origins of the song. Pre-saves for I Don’t Know My Words are available now.


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