Apple TV+ Lets the Music Play in Teaser Trailer for Fraggle Rock: Back to the Rock: Watch

fraggle rock back to the rock teaser trailer apple tv+ plus jim henson watch stream

The original Fraggle Rock lived by the ideal of, “Let the music play,” and Apple TV+ is running it back in the teaser trailer for Fraggle Rock: Back to the Rock. The reboot of the beloved Jim Henson series debuts January 21st.

Fraggle Rock ran for five seasons between 1983 and 1987, enchanting a generation of kids with a variety of colorful creatures. These included the fun-loving Fraggles, the hard-working Doozers, the fat and furry Gorgs, and the Silly Creatures of Outer Space — otherwise known as humans.

Apple TV+ began the Fragglesaince in 2020 with Fraggle Rock: Rock On!, a collection of shorts set in the Fraggleverse. These mini-episodes did well enough that the House that Jobs Built is now committing to a full revival. The new series will be executive produced by The Jim Henson Company’s Lisa Henson and Halle Stanford, as well as John Tartaglia. Matt Fusfeld and Alex Cuthbertson have been brought on as showrunners.

Like the original, Back to the Rock will star Gobo, Red, Wembley, Mokey, and Boober, plus new Fraggles yet to be introduced. The teaser trailer looks like a condensed version of the classic opening theme, utilizing more polished visuals, and the same iconic song with a fresh mix. Check it out below.


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