Big Boi Teases “Monster Hit” with Kate Bush

OutKast rapper had been manifesting the dream collaboration for nearly a decade

big boi kate bush collaboration monster hit

Perhaps all this talk of manifestation is real — if you’re Big Boi of OutKast, at least. For roughly a decade, the rapper has been talking about a dream collaboration with English singer-songwriter Kate Bush, and he recently revealed they’ve recorded a song together that’s ready to be released.

Big Boi spoke about the collaboration during an interview with Mark Ronson on The FADER Uncovered podcast. “I have a monster hit with Kate Bush that I’m just holding,” he said. “It’s a dream come true and the people are going to fucking love it. It’s fucking incredible.”

During the sitdown, Big Boi recalled meeting Bush backstage in London while OutKast was in town for their 2014 reunion tour and Bush was in the midst of her Before the Dawn residency. “I got tickets, me and my wife, and we went to go see her show that she had, played the live shows,” he said. “She signs an album for me and give me her number. So after that, about a year or so pass, and I told her I was coming back, I just said, ‘Hey, when can we do a song?’ Just send her a text every now and then.”

After meeting up for dinner, they stayed in touch, but the collaboration finally came together a few years ago. “My manager, being the great, great manager he is, he reached out to her manager a couple years ago and was like, ‘Hey, we need to make this happen,'” Big Boi explained. “And I just so happened to have the right song that is fucking phenomenal, and sent it to her. And it had the words on there and she just had to sing the words. And then I wrote my verse and my boy Go Dreamer wrote her parts and wrote the hook. And it is incredible. It’s incredible.”

Although Big Boi has no specific plans to release the track as of yet, he said it will drop “whenever I think they deserve it, I’m going to give it to them.” He also teased sharing a “stunning visual to go along with it as an NFT.”

In the meantime, Big Boi fans will have to settle for The Big Sleepover, his collaborative album with longtime OutKast affiliate Sleepy Brown. The project will be dropping later this year after being pushed back from its previously announced release date of September 3rd.


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