Dorothy Martin on the Power of Spirituality in Addiction Recovery

"What's Coming to Me" artist shares her struggle with alcoholism and recent relapse

going there dorothy

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Dorothy Martin, namesake and vocalist for the band Dorothy, shares her struggle with addiction, trauma, and suicidality on the latest episode of Going There with Dr. Mike.

The Roc Nation artist discusses the emotional and spiritual issues that often accompany addiction and mental illness in general, including not being comfortable in social situations and feeling disconnected and isolated from others. She explains how she contemplated suicide during a time when she felt so disconnected.

The “What’s Coming to Me” musician also recounts a recent relapse, and the guilt and shame that can surround us when we drink after being sober. This guilt and shame often stems from the stigma of mental illness in general, where we view addiction as a personal failing rather than a disease. These feelings of failure can actually be worse at times when we’ve been sober for awhile, because we often feel like we should have “moved on” from our addiction.

Dorothy further talks about how she has coped with addiction in general, as well as this relapse, in particular through spirituality. For her, she finds the concepts of forgiveness and grace as key to her ongoing recovery and sobriety. So let’s go there with Dorothy by listening to the episode above.


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