Edge Slayer Shares the Origins of New Single “w00m3”: Exclusive

Inspired by Missy Elliot, Jean-Paul Sartre's Being and Nothingness and more

edge slayer w00m3 origins new song stream

With the recurring new music feature Origins, we get exclusive insights into artists’ latest songs. Today, New Orleans performance artist Edge Slayer takes us into her “w00m3.”

Edge Slayer is more apt to create her own space than wedge her way into one defined by others. Hailing from New Orleans, the performance and multi-disciplinary artist/producer founded popular local party series Séancé, dedicated to creating safe spaces for Black and queer individuals. (She herself is a Black trans woman.)

It’s no different when it comes to her music. Blending trap, R&B, alternative hip-hop, and ambient sounds, she’s created a sonic world all her own on her new album, Tsureena. Due out later this year on LCD Soundsystem member Tyler Pope’s Interference Pattern label, the record follows 2020’s pair of EPs, Dark Thoughts and COOCHI3. Today, Edge Slayer is sharing a new listen at her latest LP with “w00m3.”

The track is a syrupy bit of electronic music, with Edge Slayer’s lyrics cutting through on a classic pop melody. Over the slowly pulsing beat, she sings of taking care of herself by actively ignoring those who only feed ego and not soul. “You can pull up on me/ Spend some time/ Asking what I need,” she coos.

Take a listen to Edge Slayers’ “w00m3” below, followed by her Origins of the track.


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