John Coltrane’s A Love Supreme Certified Platinum 56 Years After Its Release

It's the first jazz album of the 1960s to achieve platinum status

John Coltrane's A Love Supreme

It took 56 years, but John Coltrane’s magnum opus, A Love Supreme, has been certified platinum (one million copies sold) by the RIAA. Not only does it mark Coltrane’s first platinum record, but incredibly, it’s also the first jazz album of the 1960s to achieve platinum status. 

Verve and Impulse! Records head, Jamie Krents, presented John and Alice Contrane’s son and daughter, Ravi and Michelle, with a platinum plaque during a ceremony held at the Coltrane family home in Dix Hills, Long Island last week.

In further celebration of the news, Impulse! has released a new digital-only collection called A Love Supreme: The Platinum Collection, which brings together the original album with 1965 live recordings from Antibes, France and Seattle, Washington, as well as outtakes and alternative takes from 2015’s A Love Supreme: The Complete Masters. You can stream it in full below.

Additionally, A Love Supreme is now available in Dolby Atmos Spatial Audio on Apple Music, Amazon Music and Tidal, and it will soon be reissued as a limited-edition vinyl by Supersense as part of its newly launched Mastercut Edition series.



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