JPEGMAFIA Takes Over Consequence’s Instagram

The experimental hip-hop artist is sharing footage from a day in the life on November 15th

jpegmafia instagram takeover

Experimental hip-hop artist JPEGMAFIA is in the midst of a North American tour in support of his latest album, the excellent LP!

On Monday, November 15th, the Los Angeles-based rapper will be taking over the Consequence Instagram Story ahead of his show at The Complex in Salt Lake City.

In anticipation of the takeover, Peggy answered some questions about standout tracks from LP! and shared his future music plans now that his major label contract has run its course.

LP! features references to two of JPEGMAFIA’s favorite interests: pro wrestling and Britney Spears. On “END CREDITS!,” he samples a shocking speech that aired on a September 2021 episode of AEW Dynamite in which wrestling legend Arn Anderson threatens Cody Rhodes.

“I have friends in AEW and I’ve been on the show before a couple of times. [It] just felt like the right thing to do, to capture that energy I was feeling in the moment,” Peggy explains. “It’s very recent, too, so it was just the right thing to do. It was in line with my character.”

Meanwhile, he interpolates Spears’ breakout hit, “…Baby One More Time,” on “THOT’S PRAYER!” JPEGMAFIA has spoken about wanting to work with her in the past, and he shared his vision for the collaboration — which isn’t out of the realm of possibility now that Spears’ conservatorship has been terminated.

“I like that kind of music,” he says, “so I would probably just make something in her face, right there and on the spot. It would just be whatever it is she wanted it to sound like.”

LP! exists in two different versions, Online and Offline, with the latter featuring tracks that couldn’t be cleared for the album in time. Of the songs Peggy wasn’t able to include on major streaming platforms, he wishes “HAZARD DUTY PAY!” could have made the cut. “I think it’s one of my best songs ever,” he states.

Having now completed his record contract, JPEGMAFIA is looking forward to having full control over his vision. “Now that I’m not under contract, it would just be more freeing,” he explains. “I need to be able to do what I want and not be questioned. I’m 30, not an 18-year-old who needs guidance from trust fund kids with less life experience than me.”

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