Kanye West Hires Bill Cosby’s Lawyer to Work on Larry Hoover Case

"We got the lawyer that just got Cosby out"

Kanye West Drink Champs

In his bid to free Larry Hoover from prison, Kanye West has enlisted the services of Bill Cosby’s lawyer, Jennifer Bonjean.

“We’re putting together a new team for [Hoover]… it’s much like in the footsteps of my father-in-law, Robert Kardashian,” Kanye explained during the second part of his interview with Drink Champs, which aired on Thursday night. “We got the lawyer that just got Cosby out.”

Hoover, co-founder of the Chicago street gang Gangster Disciples, is currently serving six life sentences after being found guilty of murder, conspiracy, extortion, money laundering, and other criminal activities. Hoover has since renounced his association with Ganger Disciples activity and has sought to reclaim the initials GD as standing for growth and development.

Kanye has been advocating for Hoover’s release from prison for the last several years, even meeting with former president Donald Trump to ask for his clemency. He also provided Hoover’s son, Larry Jr., an outlet to speak about his father’s plight on the Donda track “Jesus Lord.” Earlier this week, Kanye invited his frenemy, Drake, to join him in playing a Free Larry Hoover concert in Los Angeles next month. Hoover Jr. also appeared alongside Ye on Drinks Champs.

As an aside, during the Drink Champs interview Kanye called O.J. Simpson’s acquittal “the first Black victory,” and added, “Before we had Oprah and Obama, we had O.J.”  He also appeared to agree with Drink Champs host N.O.R.E.’s claim that O.J. “didn’t do it.”

All told, Kanye’s Drink Champs interview spanned over three hours. In part one, which aired last Thursday, he discussed his relationship with Marilyn Manson, divorce from Kim Kardashian, vaxination status, and more. You can watch part two below.


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