Radiohead Announce Virtual KID A MNESIA Exhibition

Available on PC, Mac, and Playstation 5 starting November 18th

radiohead kid a mnesia exhibition trailer watch video game

In what could be viewed as an innovative use of digital space or a frightening realization of themes explored on Kid A and Amnesiac, Radiohead have announced the KID A MNESIA EXHIBITION, a virtual experience designed to replace a real-world event. It is based on their expansive new three-volume release, KID A MNESIAand will be available for download on November 18th for PC, Mac, and Playstation 5. Check out the trailer below, and visit the exhibition here.

The band initially conceived of KID A MNESIA EXHIBITION as a physical exhibit that would start in London and travel the world. But first the laws of physics conspired to limit Radiohead’s vision, and then COVID-19 made such an event close to impossible.  And so the British rockers were seduced into digital lands where they can exist free and unbothered by mean, boring reality.

The virtual landscape of KID A MNESIA EXHIBITION is based on art by Thom Yorke and Radiohead’s longtime visual designer Stanley Donwood. From there, they collaborated with producer Nigel Godrich, video/computer artist Sean Evans, theatrical set designer Christine Jones, [namethemachine] studio, and game developers Arbitrarily Good Productions. Add in old songs and new favorites contained on KID A MNESIA, and you’ve got an experience like nothing else. In the end, Epic Games Publishing put it all together.

The finished product is ostensibly not a video game, though it’s been rated Teen by ESRB Game Ratings, and allows you to explore a fantastical imaginary world. The trailer includes audio snippets from “Packt Like Sardines in a Crushed Tin Box,” and shows a first-person something walking down creepy hallways or floating through outlandish, even nightmarish spaces. Watch it below.

As part of KID A MNESIA, Radiohead shared the previously unreleased tracks “If You Say the Word,” and “Follow Me Around,” the latter of which we named Song of the Week. Last month, the band’s catalog came to Bandcamp for the first time.


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