Ryan Reynolds, Will Ferrell Fill In for Each Other on Fallon, Kimmel: Watch

Actors swapped late night spots to promo each other's new projects, The Shrink Next Door and Red Notice

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Ryan Reynolds and Will Ferrell were both booked on different late night talkshows on Wednesday, but neither actually showed up to for their scheduled appearances. Instead, they swapped programs, with Ferrell filling in for Reynolds on Jimmy Kimmel Live! and Reynolds taking Ferrell’s place on The Tonight Show Starring Jimmy Fallon.

Both claimed the other was “running late” excuse, but it’s probably no coincidence that Ferrell lives in Los Angeles (where Kimmel films), and Reynolds’ home is just outside New York City (where Fallon tapes). Either way, the switch-a-roo stunned audiences, and apparently the hosts, who went about asking the questions they’d planned for their proper guests anyway.

Ferrell did his best to talk up Reynolds’ new Netflix actioner Red Notice, also starring Dwayne Johnson and Gal Gadot. Unfortunately, the comedian isn’t in the flick and hasn’t seen “a stitch” of it. “I saw the billboards; they’re wearing tuxedos,” Ferrell said. “So you know it’s gonna be classy, right?” He also talked about his “wife,” Blake Lively’s great oatmeal and nachos cooking skills, and showed off his well-trained physique and French rap skills.

Over on Fallon, Reynolds was welcomed out by The Roots crew with more cowbell. He then went about pitching Ferrell’s new Apple TV+ series co-starring the newly dubbed Sexiest Man Alive Paul Rudd and Kathryn Hahn, The Shrink Next Door. Calling Rudd “the nicest human being in all of show business,” Reynolds noted that his “co-star” is “aging backwards because of his contract with Satan, or he only drinks breast milk from a blue whale.”

He went on to describe the new show as being part of the Ant-Man universe. “It’s Marvel Phase 16, which everyone is saying is like, way more relatable,” joked Reynolds.


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